Khenpo Nyima Singha Lama Magar


Translated from Tibetan to Nepali for HH Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche
Translated from Tibetan to Nepali for HH Shechen Rabjam Rinpoche
Translated from Tibetan to Nepali for HE Yangthang Rinpoche
Translated from Tibetan to Nepali for HE Dzogchen Rahor Rinpoche
Translated from Tibetan to Nepali for Many Tulkus and Khenpos.


Preliminary Practice of HE Dudjom Rinpoche in Nepali (2014)
Daily Prayers Book in Nepali (2016)
Currently authoring Kaike Magar, Terchurong Tibetan, Nepali, English Dictionary (from 2017 AD)
Several others books in Tibetan and Nepali

Buddhist Lectures

Worked as Buddhist lecturer in various Buddhist and non-Buddhist societies, campaigns, schools, colleges etc.

Participations in Buddhist Seminars

Participated in various Buddhist seminars organized both in native country and abroad.

Countries visited

United Kingdom, India & Tibet

Languages spoken

English, Tibetan, Nepali, Hindi, Kaike Magar Dialect.


Shechen Monastery, Boudha,
Ward no. 6, Kathmandu.
Mobile:- 9841343637

Buddhist Academic Qualifications

Madhyama Diploma (Equivalent to Intermediate Level) Diploma in 2007 AD from Shechen Institute, Boudha.
Degree of Shastri (Bachelor Level) in 2010 from Shechen Institute, Boudha
MA in Buddhist Studies from Shechen Institute (the certificate received in 2013 AD)
Studied and completed two years’ course in Monastic Centre Shechen monastery, Boudha, in 2002 AD.
Studied 10 years’s course in Shechen Buddhist Philosophy College, Boudha and completed it in 2013 AD.

Social Involvement

Chairman, Jobo Lhari Society (from 2014 AD. upto the present)
Executive member, Shechen Maha Buddha Vihara (from 2013 AD. to the present time)
Executive member, Nepal Buddhist Federation (from 2011 AD to 2014 AD)
Presently working in Chhaigo Society (from 2011 AD)
Presently working in Rung Society (from 2012 AD)
Presently working in Buddhist Community Center, UK (from 2014 AD)
Presently working in Nepal Nyingma Federation (from 2009 AD)
Presently working as teacher in Buddha Academy Boarding School, Jorpati, Kathmandu (from 2015 AD)
Presently working in Sherabling Society as advisor (from 2017 AD)
Worked as coordinator in Shechen Eco-Group (from 2013-2016)
Worked as coordinator for Earthquake Evacuation and Relief program (from 2014 to 2017)
Lecturer on Buddhist Philosophy in Shechen Institute, Boudha, Kathmandu (from 2013 to the present)
Worked as Revision teacher (Kyorpon) in Shechen Institute (from 2011 AD – 2013 AD)